I not only got one, but two tattoos!

Don't worry - they are totally fake. (haha!)

I teamed up with Ink Daze to create my own custom designs for temporary tattoos. I probably would never actually get a real tattoo (I have like, 0 pain tolerance and I could never do that to my body) but I sure do appreciate the art form and like the look of them on other people.

I went onto Ink Daze's website and got to upload my very own designs for tattoos. Some of them I drew and some of them I used pre-made fonts to write out words. 

The two tattoos I featured in today's post are:

Placed on the side of my right hand in a scripty font. Inspired by Lana Del Rey. I think this one is super pretty!

- LEO -
I am always interested in astrology and horoscopes (but don't really believe in them) and I've always liked mine because I'm a Leo, and it's a cat. It's funny though because I'm a Leo by birth (July 25th) but always felt like I identify more with a Cancer?? Like I said, I don't really believe in them.

This star sign has been placed on the inner side of my left upper arm. 

For this look, I'm wearing my new favourite silky pink romper that was a birthday gift from my friend, Adrienne. The colour of it is perfect and it's such a nice romper to dress up in!

NAKD Fashion Romper // Nine West Heels // Ink Daze Tattoos // Shein Saddle Bag // Michael Kors Watch 

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. I seriously want fake tattoos! I'm definitely not good with the long term idea!