Are These Insta-Worthy Toronto Spots Worth The Hype?

Happy long weekend! It's been a great one so far and I really needed this time to catch up on a few things. If you need some last minute inspo on where to go in Toronto, or need an honest opinion on if these photogenic spots are worth adding to your list, then I hope this post helps you out!

Dripping in Finesse

The best part in the song "Finesse" is definitely Cardi B's verse. Once that part is over, you can just skip the whole song because Bruno Mars is totally irrelevant, right??

Someday When Spring Is Here

I don't know what's going on but Toronto can't seem to stay warm! I am soooo ready for nice weather and more opportunities to wear dresses so I hope that the temperatures can increase again very soon.

This Suitcase Does Everything

I recently bought myself a new suitcase (finally!) and I am so happy with the one that I chose. It's a baby pink carry on by a brand called RADEN - and this suitcase literally does everything. 

Today's Outfit Is Pink

One of the first things anyone learns about me is that I love the colour pink. I have always loved pink - and always will. It's my thing, it's my go-to colour and I feel like it describes me as a person very well. 

It's a Spring Thing: Essie Polish Spring 2018 Collection

I am so in love with the new spring polishes by essie! I used a few of them in my latest nail art look for spring with some black and gold leopard print patterning. 

It's All About Attitude

Out of all the things you do in life, I believe that having a good attitude is extremely important. If I could give life advice to anyone, it would definitely be to have a positive attitude. I know - it’s overused and I don’t want to sound super cliché, but I can’t stress it enough! Having a positive attitude has been one of the most important things for me in terms of work, setting goals and personal success. 

Create Your Own Blend: Marc Anthony Styling Cocktails Review

I am super excited to talk about these Marc Anthony styling cocktails on the blog today! I got to try out 3 of the new dual styling formulas: Curl Cocktail (yellow), Smoothing Cocktail (blue) and Volume Cocktail (pink). 

I would say that I have super thick, naturally straight hair. My scalp is naturally super oily and I have A LOT of hair! I love trying new hair products that help me style it different ways. I am always looking for new ways to wear my hair and make it look super smooth, shiny and healthy. 

A Post For Mom: Happy 50th Birthday

Mom has easily been one of the most supportive and loving people in my life. She is always there and has spent the last 21 years of her life teaching me valuable lessons, giving advice and helping me navigate through life and reaching my goals.

Today is her 50th birthday and this post is dedicated to her xx

Spring, WYA

Toronto weather has me saying "Spring, where ya at?" Who else is fed up with low temps, the parka and the gloves? I am hopeful for warmer weather soon and this floral arrangement at WISH Restaurant definitely gave me the Spring vibes that I feel like I've been missing ever since March 20th hit. 

Issa Vibe

Spring is (almost) here and I'm feeling the good vibes. I am so excited to start wearing lighter jackets again! This baby pink leather one was a sweet gift from Spain from my good friend Neguine. She picked this out for me and added a little Disney pin for a custom touch. I then went ahead with a few more from my collection to amp up the look. I love how they contrast with the pink leather and the whole look comes together. 

Smokey Pink | Collab with MUA Mikayla Couture

As you all know - I am obsessed with anything pink. So when freelance MUA Mikayla Couture (from my hometown!) reached out to collaborate by doing a pink look with me - I was all over it.