Autumn 2017 Activity Guide

Happy fall! It’s finally starting to get colder outside and this means it’s time to bring on the cute fall traditions. Here are some fun and festive things to do this autumn season:

Okay with Different

I've always appreciated different; different clothing, different music, different hobbies, trying new things... 

His and Her's Fall Style

I may not be super enthusiastic about summer ending and the days getting colder and shorter - but a new season does mean new clothes. Today, I put together a post all about his and her's fall style for 2017 and what I'm loving at the moment!

MAK Style Turns 2

MAK Style is officially 2 years old today! 

It's been quite the journey. I remember I started this blog right before I moved to Toronto for school. I always had a plan for this blog and how it would play a part in my education, career, and lifestyle. I think that I've been able to stick to this plan - and I'm so happy about that!

I have worked hard to build my brand, be consistent through hard times (and busy times!) and it definitely pays off. Blogging has been a great creative outlet for me, taught me so much about myself, and has lead me to some pretty great opportunities

I love how blogging incorporates all of the things that I love. This includes fashion, photography, writing, and planning. 

Café Cancan

The dreamiest little café recently popped up in Toronto and I immediately added it to my list of spots to visit in the city as soon as I found out about it. My friend Ema and I went - and it was adorable! See more photos of the space and also what I wore below. 

Disney's Arisocats: Marie Look Book

I kind-of sort-of have an obsession with everything Disney and one of my favourite characters is Marie from the Aristocats! Today I am sharing 3 looks that incorporate Marie in some way. Let me know in the comments down below as to which outfit is your fave!

So Thankful

On Sunday I had a little get together with my Toronto friends to celebrate my 21st birthday! I was so happy to have everyone there and it really meant a lot to me to be able to hang out with everyone at once. I am so thankful for the amazing friends that have come into my life! They are some of the most inspirational, loving, hard working, and positive people I have ever met.

Oily Skin Control: Stay Matte this Summer

Having oily skin can be hard to control! Anyone else with the same struggle?! In today's post I'm sharing 4 products that help keep my makeup in place and stay matte throughout the day!

How to Style a Pink Mesh Dress: 3 Ways

Hello pink lovers!! Today I'm doing a styling post that features this neat pink mesh dress! This piece is so fun and different - a little weird - but it's great. I think that as long as you love it, then just wear it! See all 3 of my looks throughout this post. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite! 

Summer Beauty Go-To's 2017

The heat is on and it's time to round up my summer beauty essentials for 2017! Keep reading for all product details...

Palm Leaves and Pink

Hi pretty pink babes! In today's outfit post, I'm sharing this super cute leaf print top that I am totally obsessed with and it will DEF be on repeat in my wardrobe this summer!

Zaful Wish List + Giveaway

Happy first day of summer!

I have been loving Zaful lately! Ever since I got my pink embroidered dress from that online store, I have been eyeing more and more items and adding them to my wish list. In celebration of the first day of summer, and for the sake of outfit inspiration and my love for shopping - I have created this list from the site and also sharing details on how to win a gift card from them! Keep reading for more information.

Home is Toronto

I've lived in Toronto for almost two years now. I moved here for school, to pursue my dreams in fashion, and experience city living. It was a huge change moving from such a small town to the big city. I am so happy I did though, and everything has been going really well since!

Taking Care of Coloured Hair with Pai-Shau

Ever since I got my pink hair (with super blonde ombré) I've been using the Pai-Shau hair line to nourish my locks and keep them silky, shiny, and super healthy. I use an easy 3-step system that ensures the overall feel and appearance of my newly dyed hair!