My Opinion of Social Media

Lately there has been a lot of controversy over the topic of social media and what kind of influence it is having on society.  Especially after the viral case of Essena O’Neill, claiming that social media is "not real life". Today I thought I would talk about my opinion of social media and hopefully shine some light on the positive facts, verses the negative. 

I use social media for myself personally and socially, but it is also a huge part of my job as a blogger, business owner, and something I will be using in my future career in the fashion industry! 

I myself receive products for review, and get paid to post certain content on my blog. I choose to accept certain product or tasks based on if I like the brand enough or see a personal connection to it either matching my style, site, or lifestyle! I have turned down some offers in the past because of it being the wrong fit. This is my job, and it is in no way being "fake" or ruining my own identity. I look at these things as opportunities, and I genuinely enjoy collaborating with companies I love!

At the end of the day, I choose what I post, when I post it, and I think that social media is a great tool for me to express myself and advance in my career! Fashion is a very visual thing, and also very fast paced. Social media definitely helps me keep up to date, and share my inspirations and ideas as well.

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Thanks for reading today!

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