My Opinion of Social Media

Lately there has been a lot of controversy over the topic of social media and what kind of influence it is having on society.  Especially after the viral case of Essena O’Neill, claiming that social media is "not real life". Today I thought I would talk about my opinion of social media and hopefully shine some light on the positive facts, verses the negative. 

I use social media for myself personally and socially, but it is also a huge part of my job as a blogger, business owner, and something I will be using in my future career in the fashion industry! 

I myself receive products for review, and get paid to post certain content on my blog. I choose to accept certain product or tasks based on if I like the brand enough or see a personal connection to it either matching my style, site, or lifestyle! I have turned down some offers in the past because of it being the wrong fit. This is my job, and it is in no way being "fake" or ruining my own identity. I look at these things as opportunities, and I genuinely enjoy collaborating with companies I love!

At the end of the day, I choose what I post, when I post it, and I think that social media is a great tool for me to express myself and advance in my career! Fashion is a very visual thing, and also very fast paced. Social media definitely helps me keep up to date, and share my inspirations and ideas as well.

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Clueless Tartan [Flashback to TFW]

I was going through my blog photo archives and found these photos from March 2016 Toronto Fashion Week that were never posted! I thought I might as well share the look with you all now. This was an outfit repeat from a blog post I did on my old blog, too. You can see that post here. It was shot in my old high school and based on the movie 'Clueless'. 

During the time these photos were taken, I was also captured by FASHION magazine! You can see my feature here


Blazer // GFD Store
Skirt // GFD Store
Pink Coat // Boohoo
Backpack // Ali Express
Blouse // Old Navy
Knee High Socks // American Apparel 
Watch // Michael Kors
Boots // H&M
Sunglasses // Betsey Johnson
Lipstick Shade // Schiap by NARS

Photos by Blair Stutz

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Having a Cat as a Roommate + Tips for Owners

It's about time I write a post all about my cat, Olivia! 

I am fortunate enough to be allowed to have pets in my apartment building, so when I moved to Toronto in October, my cat from home (Olivia) came with me! It has been great to have her as company while living alone, and she has been a great roommate. The transition from living in the country, to now living in the city has effected her too, though. 

Below I will be sharing some tips for cat owners and things that have helped me help her to adjust to the move, and make sure she is still a healthy little kitty. 

I live on the 29th floor in my building, and although it's a great view - it sure does get hot up there! I barely had to turn the heat on in the winter months. As we approach summer now, I need to prepare for those hot days with extra fans and blasting the A/C. 

Olivia was not used to all of the heat and dry air on the 29th floor when we first moved in. Her fur was constantly full of static, and her skin was getting very dry. I was worried her water was evaporating instead of her drinking it. On my last visit to Olivia'a vet, they suggested that I place ice cubes in her water. It has been a success so far!

Olivia loves to play with the ice cubes and lick them. I know that once they melt, she has extra water in her bowl for later, too. 

The food that Olivia eats is the Merrick grain free "Purrfect Bistro" Chicken or Salmon recipe. 

Another thing that I like to do to keep Olivia healthy is to brush her fur regularly. This helps with her itchiness and discomfort (due to the dry air). She loves getting a good brushing every once and a while.

Olivia usually likes to sleep during the day and only gets up to eat and drink, or use her littler box. She is pretty lazy and has gained a couple of pounds since moving to Toronto! Lately I have been watching her diet, and making sure to measure out her food every day. I give Olivia 1/2 a cup of kibble every morning now. 

Since Olivia doesn't get as much exercise as she did before I moved, I make a point of buying her little toys once and a while and initiating play time so that she can run around my small apartment a bit. Her favourite thing to play with is a pink wire toy with feathers on the end of it. She has completely destroyed this toy now, but you can see a bit of her antics in the video at the bottom of this post! 

Olivia is a great roommate! It's nice having someone there at the ned of the day to come home to. She is also very calming and will sit with me to do homework in the evenings, and then follows me to bed at night. 

Watch the compilation video below!

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Spring 2016 Look Book | Collab with Adrienne Naval

I am so excited to finally share my collaborative spring look book - featuring Adrienne Naval of Beyond the Exterior

We each dove into our wardrobes to create some perfect spring looks for 2016. You can see her look book that I'm featured in here!


I am wearing...
Jacket, Urban Planet. Sweater Dress and Boots, H&M. Pink Baseball Hat, Go Jane. Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. 


Adrienne is wearing...
Blazer, Winners. Sweater , Express. Jeans , Hollister. Shoes, Converse. Sunglasses , Eyebuydirect.


I am wearing...
Top + Skirt, Lulu's. Boots, H&M. Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. 


I am wearing...
Sweater, + Boots, H&M. Denim, Forever 21. Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. 

It's always fun being able to work with other bloggers and feed off of each other's creative energy! Adrienne and I will definitely be working on some more projects together in the future!

You can follow Adrienne on:

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5 Subway / Train Ride Essentials

Today I'm sharing 5 key items that I like to have with me on long (or short) TTC rides. Since living in Toronto since October, and taking the Subway every day to school - I have gotten used to the commute and feel myself needing some items once and a while to make the ride a little bit easier. 


If it's a long ride especially, a good fashion magazine is always a good idea for me to have. I love flipping through the pages reading and looking at all the beautiful photos. 


My headphones are a must-have for any length of public transit ride. I love being able to occupy myself while listening to some great new music on my phone. These headphones from Frends are my favourite because they act as a pair of headphones with amazing quality and sound - but they also work as a great accessory with any outfit!


Taking public transit is not the most sanitary - I like to have a to-go bottle of hand sanitizer on me just in case. 


A little snack is a good idea for traveling or even to have on the way home from class before dinner while on the subway! These Berries + Cherries Welches dummies are my favourite at the moment! (Photographed below in top right corner.)


Lastly, if I'm taking the TTC, I must always have my metro pass with me! This is an item I keep on my lanyard with my keys and USB for school. 

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